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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Wearing dark green - better light

Leggings and tee. I feel very exposed in this, due to the slim fit of the leggings not covering the crotch area and derriere.
Then cardigan belted. This feels fine as things are covered, however that's where my waist is and its maybe a bit high up?
Then cardigan loose. This feels exposed at the front.
With the belt over the tee but under the cardigan (some suggested this). Seems fairly pointless as its not belting anything or holding anything up, and it still has to sit on my natural waist.
 And a closeup showing the fringe growing out and the grey coming through (I've stopped colouring).

Friday, 21 October 2016

Wearing Dark Green

Taken inside after a long day at work, but gives the idea.
Here I am wearing the cardi, tee, skirt, leggings, belt and ankle boots. I also used the green bag (not in shot) and have the necklace on with silver earrings.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Green Collection: Jersey leggings

The green leggings are finished. They are from the same dark green marled jersey as the tee and skirt.
I used McCall's 5309 which I've altered to have a better fit for my shape.
These are too thin to wear alone as trousers so will always be under something else, perhaps the matching skirt.
I hem these on the coverhem, then sew each leg up, then sew the two legs together, zig zag the elastic on and stitch in the ditch. I have added a small tab at centre back to make it easier to know which way round to put them on.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Fabrics for the Green Collection

 Print jersey for dress
 Crinkle for top
 Jersey remnant for top
 Georgette for long shirt
 Stretch woven remnant for skirt
 Dark green woven for trousers
 Self stripe woven for trousers
 Dark green already cut out for jacket
Green suede boos from Clarkes, green suede gloves and green leather bag. All bought at different points. I have green eyes so have picked these up over a few years.

Monday, 17 October 2016

More Green items Planned

I have some more green items planned.
McCall's 5309 leggings in the same dark green jersey as the tee and skirt. These are cut out, sewn up but need the waist elastic adding.
A skirt in plain dark green stretch bengaline from Simplicity 1760, probably a plain version of view F cut as long as the small remnant will allow.

A long shirt/shirt dress from lisette K2246 View B, in a printed stripe georgette, not a recommended fabric, but I hope will work well with the leggings.
A dress from a jersey print using Simplicity 2369
A jacket from Simplicity 4231, view A in a dark green suiting fabric, may need a lining drafting. Cut out a long time ago but never sewn up.
A cowl necked top and a tee shirt from my favourite New Look 6735.
And two pairs of trousers from a Burda magazine pattern.

That's a lot of items and mostly more complicated sewing than my usual quick knits so not sure if I'll manage everything and how long it will take me.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Dark green skirt

The skirt is a simple one made from the back piece of the skirt in Vogue 2989 cut twice.
I've added a small piece of ribbon so I know which is the back (it has the join in the elasic).
Here it is with the tee, cardigan, the other necklace and a beautiful green leather built I have had for years.
I'm loving this.
The two pink beads in this necklace feel like they do quite fit in the colourscheme. I could easily remove them and have a slightly shorter necklace of the greens/browns and silver only. What do you think? I have a woven print fabric and a knit print I'd like to use they have the various greens and browns in them but not the pink, I think without the pink the necklace would be more harmonious with them.
The pink is in my palette and part of me thinks its fun but part of me thinks it jarring.
Would seeing the print fabrics help?

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dark green tee

The next part of my dark green set is this tee.

This is a slightly altered version of the short sleeved tee from New Look 6735 (my all time most used pattern).
Here it is with the dark green cardigan from the last post and a necklace I already had.
I really pleased with how these look together. I have a skirt and leggings in progress in the same fabric as the tee.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Navy and Green cardigan alterations

I loved the altered dark burgundy cardigan so much that I later altered the navy one from the same shop.
Here it was before
And then after the alteration.
I also altered a dark green one I bought in a different place which was a slightly less extreme drape at the front. Here's some in progress shots to show what I did.

First I laid the cardigan out on the cutting board, folded in half, and pinned the section I was going to cut away.
I then removed this section carefully, leaving some of the collar section as a seam allowance for later.

I then sewed the finished edges of the remaining area together, this will form the new cente back neck/centre collar.
I then refolded this to stitch the neck edge back together (the new centre back neck seam is underneath in this shot).
The new cardigan then looks like this! I really love this one. I wore it less last year and the collar was less extreme so the conversion is quite smart.
I only had three of this style and they've all been converted now. I saved the self belts and the pieces I cut from the back necks as they could be useful for something......

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Cufflinks: shank buttons and jewellery wire

Here's some more of the cufflinks made with shank buttons and jewellery wire.
Planning these for the next charity craft stall, should be good for those men or women who wear tailored shirts to work. I've also made a few pairs for myself as I have two work shirts which use cufflinks.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Drape front cardigan to shawl collar cardigan

Last year drape front cardigans were everywhere. I bought 3 in different colours - dark burgundy, dark navy and dark green. Unfortunately they were not that flattering on me though I wore them anyway.
This year I noticed the cardigan in the shops whilst still long were now straight and this was much more flattering. I thought about donating my drape front ones, or maybe cutting them up using my cardigan pattern, however after a bit of experimentation I realised if I just cut a small section out of the back neck and sewed it back together I could get a straight shawl collar cardigan. So I gave it a try.

So here's what the cardigan looked like before. Those long tails hung down, and the bulk added visual weight to my tummy and hips.
Then I cut out this section from the back neck. This is the back neck removed and a new back neck and shoulder added from the front drape.
I then sewed the remainder of the neck edge to itself to form the new collar, then seamed it back up, smoothed off the corners slightly into the raglan sleeve and it looked like this.
This is now a more rectangular cardigan with a wide fold back shawl collar. The long lines of the collar and the space down the middle encourage the eye to move up and down the body creating a more flattering look.

I'm really pleased with the outcome and the other two are for the same treatment later in the week.

Thanks Ruthie

Let me know if you would like a few more pictures showing the process and I will try on the next one. It makes complete logical sense to me because I sew the Prima cardigan so much, so use the pattern piece and instructions as a guide, however I imagine that it doesn't work for everyone!

A similar style currently would be McCall's 6084

So the new front is a shape a bit more like this only more angular and with a wider collar.
You can see in this back image of the McCalls pattern how those lines marked CB are sewn together at the back neck.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Desigual Scarf

Another of the days in Barcelona, we went into the Desigual store and bought this scarf.
 As I am losing weight I didn't really want to buy any clothing, but a scarf fits whatever weight.
This has lots of wonderful soft blue and green tones which really work with my eye colour.
A lot of Desigual items are very heavy on the black which is not my best colour, so to find this pretty soft scarf was a great bonus.

In the store they had both the blue (which we purchased) and the 'red' (pink/coral/orange) version both of which I loved, but in the end I plumped for the blue version. Online there is also a greens version but this was not in the store.